​Your "step by step" instructions for more harmony with your dog!

Stella Winehardt:

"Absolute recommendation from me! Already after the first training session my dog was ​way more relaxed and well balanced! A problem ​we had been having for months was solved within just a few ​sessions! All group participants and their issues are ​considered, problems are addressed openly and there are groups exercises to solve the problems. The team is very professional and is always open to questions. "

Harry Monterey:

"Conny was very enthusiastic and helped us with her knowledge and her ​way with dogs. Thanks, Conny. We look forward to ​more training sessions ​to come."

Jenna Nekola:

"AWESOME !! I can only recommend the training with Conny Sporrer!"

Do you recognize yourself in it?

  • ​Your dog is already trained well, but is you are still having a few difficulties?
  • ​Walks and encounters with other dogs are sometimes stressful?
  • ​It sometimes feels like there is a sled dog on the other end of the leash?
  • ​Your dog doesn’t always immediately respond to your call back?
  • ​Other, ill-mannered dogs cause problems and their owners are simply unconcerned?

Then I have an important message for you!

I will ​reveal to you how ​to understand your dog ​under any circumstance and react ​accordingly. ​This will allow for more respect and tolerance and substantially improve your relationship.

Before we start let me tell you a little something about myself.

Hi! My name is Conny Sporrer and I am the founder of Hundetraining.me - your online dog school.

You may recognize  me from TV or magazines. I am also the owner of the DOGS dog school in Vienna, Austria.

From the moment "Morillon", a rather troubled rescue, entered my life many years ago I realized dogs may not just enrich our lives. Ever since then, I have focused on better understanding dogs and figuring out how to train them without coddling or violence.

I look forward to sharing my insight and tips with you!

Not only will your everyday life be more relaxed, but thanks to an above average basic education your dog may even become a role model for others. You will even learn to understand "problem dogs", dogs with a troubled past, and be able to train them well. 

​Give ​yourself and your four-legged friend ​the gift of this course developed ​out of love and filled with practical everyday ​tips ​for a great time together:

Why ​have an Online Dog School?

​​For the responsible dog owner nowadays visiting obedience school is self-evident. It's where you will learn to teach your dogs basic commands, but more often than not the group size is too large, the training standardized and frustration occurs and training lacks everyday practicality.

​A disobedient dog causes stress in everyday life (Living with a disobedient dog is stressful, miscommunication happens and leads to additional problems), miscommunication occurs and results in additional problems. This online course takes an outside the box look and explains dog behaviour and communication from the ground up. This allows us humans to better understand our dogs in everyday life and respond correctly and react appropriately.

​The aim of this online dog school is to create a canine world of mutual respect and consideration. Small problems may still arise from time to time, but you will know how to ​address them correctly.

​Our vision is not of a perfect world, but of one in which dog-people know how to correctly interpret their dog's behavior and act accordingly. This is exactly what we support you in! And not just with run of the mill tips but advice tailored to your problems. We will answer your questions directly and offer important pointers on how to have a more harmonious relationship with your dog.

​I want to offer you a comprehensive solution to understanding dog behavior. As long as you are enrolled in the dog-school you will always up to date. We will be producing monthly new online coachings. For 12 months a year you will receive new courses on a wide variety of topics.

​​On top of that most people are held back by their environment and are lacking the support that will get them further. During the course of this online dog school you will not only be taught modern training techniques and methods, but Conny herself will motivate you to keep going and do better than most dog owners out there. Surely your dog is worth that?

What ​will you ​be ​getting

  • ​Practical tips that will save time and spare you frustration
  • ​Dog schooling with an everyday guarantee
  • ​The 3 most important signals and getting them to work in any situation
  • ​The perfect recall and how ​it works under any circumstance
  • ​Creating a rock-solid "STAY" signal
  • ​How loose leash walking can solidify your bond
  • ​Learn to properly understand not only your dog but others too
  • Analyze dog encounters: play behavior, conflict avoidance, stress signals, aggression, ...
  • ​Which training mistakes to absolutely avoid
  • ​Take a walk without having to run the gauntlet
  • ​What to do if your dog favors someone else
  • ​Remove the threat of poisoned bait: how to stop your dog from eating anything off the floor
  • ​Practical activities for home and on the go
  • How to feel safe and comfortable leaving your dog ​ home alone
  • How to prevent your dog from ​howling as soon as you leave the house
  • What ​to do if your dog barks at neighbors or ​pedestrians?
  • How to stop your dog from jumping up on people
  • What to ​be mindful of when a baby is born
  • Should you stay out of dog ​squabbles? And when you have to intervene!
  • Expeise that you won't get from any book or YouTube video
  • ​Simple and illustrative tips!

Try it ​now - ​Risk Free

Many people have benefited from my tips and methods in recent years.

​The online dog school contains well-founded, tried and tested knowledge.

You can test all of the schools benefits for a whole two weeks.

How do you access the content?

As soon as you have secured your access to the online dog school, you will receive an email with your account details. You can then log in directly and access the entire content to help you achieve your goals.

Because this is a limited time only offer and you managed to find this website while the school is still available at an introductory price, I have reserved a very special discount for you.

The regular price for the methods I teach in the online dog school is worth well over 10,000 dollars.

And this is exactly you benefit enormously.

I'm not going to ask you to for 10,000 dollars. I'm not even going to ask you to pay 1,000 dollars.

Here's the good news I have for you today:

Because you have proven that you are serious about this - you would not have read this entire text if you were'nt - your investment for complete access to the online dog school is much less!

I am doing this because I want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to live in harmony with their dog and even more so that your dog feels completely at ease.

What happens after the trial period?

If you would like to remain a member after the two weeks, you will receive your membership at the discounted rate of $ 19.95 per month (instead of $ 29.95).

We publish new content on various topics every month. Thus our media library keeps expanding , and you will keep receiving new content to facilitate training. All this at no additional cost!

What if you don't like online dog training?

In case the content does not help you advance your dog's training you can terminate your membership at any time by sending my support team an informal email. They will take care of everything else for you.

If you have any other questions, you can also email me at any time.

You can find my email address on my websites and also in the email with your personal access link, which I will be sending you shortly.

Take your dog's training success into your hands and finally achieve ​your goals! ​The reason why you ​will succeed in what others won't is because you're doing what others don't:

Instant access

In addition to live webinars and the online support community, you ​will gain instant access to these lessons:

Module 1 - ​A Dog's 4 ​basic motivations ​

Almost everything dogs do is controlled by ​primal ​stimuli: sniffing, marking, ​displaying, barking, etc. To correctly assess dog behavior and tackle problems at the root, it is important to find out what motivations are predominantly driving your dog.

Module 2 - Visual Communication

Of all forms of communication, visual communication represents the most important ​sense - after all, assessing your counterpart from a distance is  ​always the first step.

Module 3 - Olfactory communication

The nose is the dog's most developed sensory organ: it is used for sniffing, reading messages and collecting a lot of exciting information. Marking, rolling around, ​scratching and rubbing up against objects are also part of olfactory communication.

Module 4 - Auditory Communication

​This is where you find out what barking, growling, whining etc. really mean in the ​canine communication and the importance ​of tone duration, pitch and frequency!

Module 5 - Tactile Communication

This module on ​focuses on all forms of bodily contact between dogs and humans. You ​will learn to decipher whether ​all contact is a sign of affection or ​possibly one of disrespect or even aggression.

Module 6 - The perfect call back

​In my opinion the perfect recall is absolutely the most important signal. If your ​dog can reliably be called back from any situation, ​there is not much more he or she needs to learn.

Module 7 - Stay

​Sit and ​down are pretty much worthless ​f your dog has'nt also learned to realiably stay in these positions. How to make your dog ​remain lying down when the doorbell rings or keep sitting while his beloved ball flies through the air is the topic of this module.

Module 8 - Leashes

Walking on a leash is one of the most unnatural ​expectations we have ​of our dogs. That is why we owe it to them to patiently and correctly teach them how to walk on a lead. Here's how to do that!

Module 9 - Analyzing dog encounters

Many dog owners find it difficult to correctly assess everyday dog encounters! The result: ​miscommunications, conflicts and ​a lot of problems during walks. ​Using practical examples I will explain in detail how to correctly understand dog language!

Module 10 - Type-appropriate training and ​activities

Every dog regardless of build or breed should enjoy actively engaging with their humans. Joint activities ​increase bonding and strengthen the relationship.

Secure your access to the online dog school now

Live webinars: Support from Conny Sporrer ​herself

Ask questions and discuss the challenges you are facing with the online support community and Conny Sporrer ​herself.

​​​A large video library that is constantly being expanded ​

​A lot of videos, pictures and examples ​with step by step instructions. This ​allows you to ​access ​the most important strategies at any time, even when you are on the go. In addition, there are clearly structured workbooks (PDF) ​that enable training without necessarily having to start ​a video. ​This way you can try out new things and train important signals on the go


Melanie Hauk:

 "I'm thrilled with the courses and especially ​with Conny! She responds individually to people and dogs :) After a week of training with Conny's tips, I am noticing the changes and will definitely stay tuned!"

Kathi Strassl:

​ ​"​Boundless recommendation for Conny! Although I have had a dog for many years, I have noticed how much ​room for improvement there is when it comes to understanding signals and communication in our new puppy​. Conny ​gave us a lot of tips and responded to all our questions immediately. Her expertise and body language are ​simply impressive. "

Elfi Fuchs:

​​"I am absolutely thrilled with the work Conny does! She always knows what to do and has helped me twice. Bossi, a Leonberger, a ​darling ​at home, a ​menace outside! And everything just because the" little ​guy "is scared, and ​also territorial. ​What would happen: he ​would stand next to me and bark and growl at people. I hadn't dared to go out on the street with him and I was nerve-wracked. ​We went through 3 or 4 dog trainers like this. Then Conny ​came into our lives and gave me training tips. And lo and behold, I can handle Bossi now. I was so happy. Thats when,  in Greece, I happened upon Bella the untouchable! ​At only 4 months old she ​ended up in a​ shelter,  with no contact with people. She moved in with us on August 1, 2016 when she was about 3 years old and, well, ​she remained untouchable. We have been ​following Conny's training tips for 3 days and are finally seeing progress. It is totally worth it! I can only recommend Conny. "

Your advantages of the online dog school:

  • Flexible learning
  • Modern and contemporary methods
  • Learn directly from the experienced professional
  • Exchange information with other experienced dog owners
  • ​Receive new & current videos every month
  • ​lot of exclusive content only available in the online dog school
  • Exclusive online coaching
  • No ​travel expenses (you study ​​anytime, anyplace)
  • You will notice ​a rapid improvement in the relationship between you and your dog
  • This strengthens your bond and ​enforces security and trust
  • Enjoy relaxed walks without worry or fear
  • ​Facilitate more freedom for your four-legged friend - without stress

How can I join?

Your data and your privacy are completely protected.

The order is secure and discreet. Your data will not be released to third parties.

The school is 100% digital and you will receive your access link IMMEDIATELY after ordering.

I am excited to pass my enthusiasm for understanding dogs correctly on to you!


The exact "step by step" instructions for more harmony with your dog!

  • Live Webinars: Supervision directly by Conny Sporrer
  • A large library, constantly being expanded with new content
  • Access to the support group
  • Modern dog training: with fun and without stress
  • Instant access even at 3am!

Secure your access to the online dog school now:

See you in the course!

​Yours truly, Conny

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